Rehabilitation of communal garages in Toppe Borettslag

Toppe Borettslag has for some time planned a rehabilitation of our garage facilities.

In connection with the rehabilitation work, all vehicles and equipment in the garage must be temporarily removed. Toppe Borettslag will help cover costs if you wish to use the deck hotel facilities at Villanger Deck Center on Toppe. The coverage will be for one season (6 months).

After a new garage inspection in Sone 2, urgent needs have been identified, which means that the rehabilitation must be carried out immediately. It is therefore necessary to empty the garage at short notice. All vehicles / equipment must be removed by 08:00 on Thursday 5 March. The board of the Toppe Borettslag apologises for the inconvenience.

All tenants will be allocated a temporary outdoor parking space in Sone 1, or in the lower parking facility in Sone 4. All will be issued a parking permit for the entire period of rehabilitation in progress. Each tenant will receive a text message detailing the parking space number as well as personal parking voucher delivered by post.

During the rehabilitation period, the tenants who have vehicles in the garage will be compensated for their rental costs. In short: during the period of rehabilitation, all concerned will have free parking. Details of how this is implemented, will be informed to the individual tentant by the board.

 Unfortunately, for those who have an electric car, we will not be able to offer a charging option, due to a lack of available facilities. 

Residents are responsible for any changes / updates with regards to their own insurance plan. 

The Board
Toppe Borettslag